Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me...I'm 13!

Hey ya'll, Wyatt here. In case you haven't heard, I just celebrated the Big 1-3. I'm kind of in denial about it, because in dog years, thirteen is, well, old. Yes, I'm officially an old man. Sure, being old isn't the greatest sometimes; I move a lot slower, had to retire from therapy dog work, and can't be the Daycamp "test dog" anymore. But old age can't keep me away from this place; I'm still the official   Sheriff of Waggin' Tails, and I'll hold on to that title forever. Plus, there are a lot of things I still CAN do, like digging up landscaping, loving on the kids that come to visit me, and begging pats and treats from our clients all day long.

I was just a puppy when Waggin' Tails opened it's doors in 2005, and I've made countless memories since. My boys were a lot littler too.

I've been through two major construction jobs here at the Ranch, back in 2005 and in 2014, when we expanded. I supervised, begged food from the workers, and kept everything and everyone in line around here.

In thirteen years, I've done a lot of living...and CELEBRATING! I've celebrated a lot of birthdays and holidays doing my job. I've been subjected to some ridiculous costumes, but eh, no job is perfect.

One of the best things about my life as the Sheriff of Waggin' Tails is the places I get to visit and the people I get to meet. I've been to countless events, festivals, and I've been around for 11 Hoedowns.

In 2012 I became an officially certified therapy dog, and spent the next few years comforting patients and their families at the Ballard House in Katy. I take great pride in my therapy dog career, and want the love and comfort I was able to pass on to those people to be my legacy.

Yes, I'm an old man now, but I'm still living my best life. Thank you to all in the Waggin' Tails family for making the last thirteen years fill of pats, hugs, treats and fun.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Updated Vaccination Protocol

Hello Friends!

I wanted to let you know about a few changes to our required vaccination protocol at the Ranch. The following letter should have everything you need to know about what your pet needs before coming out to see us.

Love, Wyatt

Vaccination Update and Canine Influenza:

Hello from your Waggin’ Tails family!  Here is an update on our vaccination protocol as well as the latest on Canine Influenza that has been in the news.

Ø  We require that dogs be vaccinated for 1 or 3 year Rabies (depending on veterinarian documentation), Distemper/Parvo combo (also known as DHLPP or DHLPP-C) and semi-annual* Bordatella (or kennel cough). *Bordatella exception- the one year Zoetis/Phizer vaccine will be accepted with written proof from the veterinarian provided by the owner.  Zoetis (formally Phizer) guarantees their annual Bordatella vaccine and will cover any medical costs due to canine cough. If an owner chooses to go with the one year Zoetis bordatella, Waggin’ Tails will not cover canine cough under their Healthy Pet Guarantee.

Ø  Waggin’ Tails strongly recommends the Canine Influenza vaccination annually but does not require it. If owner does not vaccinate for Canine Flu- it is not covered under our Healthy Pet Guarantee.

Many clients have been asking about the latest outbreak of Canine Influenza in the Midwest that has been on the news. Here is one link to the story and an explanation of the new strain that has entered our country. I would encourage all clients to be informed but not panicked and to speak to their veterinarian about the need to vaccinate or not.

Remember: Summer is almost here and so is flea and tick season!! Make sure your pets are on prevention when they come to our facility. And- now is the time to make your Summer Reservations.

Please feel free to contact one of our staff members with any questions or concerns. Thank you for making Waggin’ Tails Pet Ranch where your pets come to play!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Boy and Beauty and the Beast

How was ya'lls Thanksgiving? Ours was great- we had a full house at the Ranch, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and their Thanksgiving treats!

I meant to post about this earlier before the holiday, but I just got so busy...I am so thankful for "my boys". Daylan and Donovan are the coolest human brothers a dog could ask for and I love spending my days fighting over the prime spot on the couch with them.

This weekend, my boy Daylan is starring as Lumiere in Foster High School's production of Beauty and the Beast. I am so proud of his talent and all his hard work.

It made my day to be able to go to his rehearsal today and hang out with some of the cast members!

I know Daylan and all the other kids involved in the production would love your support at the show. See the poster below for details on how to get tickets!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful #6: Babies!

It's no secret that I love little humans. It makes my day when a family drops off their fur-baby for his stay and brings their human baby with them for me to kiss and snuggle with. It's especially exciting when one of our staff members has a baby- we definitely consider these little ones part of our Waggin' Tails family. So far there have been 5 "Waggin' Tails Babies" born since we have been open:

Grayson, born September 2010

Jordyn, born July 2012

Matthew, born August 2012

Charlotte, born January 2013

Eli, born August 2013

n just a few weeks, we will add a 6th Waggin Tails baby to our family. Our kennel tech Stephanie is due with a baby boy named Liam! The staff celebrated Stephanie and Liam last night with a WT baby shower at La Finca.

Congratulations Stephanie! I can't wait to meet your little guy and to cover him with kisses!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful #5

Howdy Ya'll! Did you have a good weekend? The cold weather sure didn't last long did it? I shed my scarf and did some sun-bathing in the crisp 80 degree weather we had around these parts on Saturday and Sunday.

Today I am thankful for beds to share with brothers. This is my brother Gianni. We are very different, he and I, but at the end of the day, we love each other and sure do love our mid-morning naps!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful #4

I woke up this morning and to my delight discovered that the weather outside in Fulshear, Texas finally, finally matched up with the date on the calendar. This, my friends, is November.

Today, I'm thankful for crisp, cold mornings, sunny and cool afternoons, and getting to break out my winter wardrobe.

I love any excuse to wear a scarf!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful #3: Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day Friends! I am so humbled and honored to be able to recognize the men and women who have served and will continue to serve our great country. Thank you for your service.

I am so thankful for our soldiers and all they do to protect you and me and allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have in America. I'm also thankful when those soldiers get to come home and be reunited with their family members (of whatever species).

Take a few minutes to watch this video; it is truly incredible the bond that dogs and humans share. Grab the tissues before you click Play!